About Gaian Times

Gaia-chip2We are an Eco-Spiritual  Organisation, aiming to educate today’s people for tomorrow’s worlds!

This website gives full details of our `organisation’, as well as access (FREE) to our current  e-Magazine and back issues.

Get a feel of the many facets of Gaian Times- by reading about our  official  Aims & Objectives, the 6 year history, events, Social Enterprises &  other initiates.

Browse through content-lists and covers of all the past issues, and see what topics we have been exploring..

Mani Navasothy- Director- Gaian Times Magazine-smDo contact me, using our easy `Contact form’ or by phone!

I hope you like what you see, and will join our growing world-wide community of Gaia Guardians!

  -Mani Navasothy (Chief Editor / Director of GT)


Links to  Info pages

Who is Gaia? (Goddess, mythology, Theory)

Cons, Mags & Orgs – Brief history of Gaian Times..!

Gaian Times Legal Status (not for profit) explained

Gaian Times Aims & Objectives

Gaian Times Initiatives


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