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Gallery: Climate Change March 2014

Gallery: Climate Change March 2014

photos (c) Mani Navasothy 2014-15

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Welcome to Gaian Times 2015

Hi there and welcome! HERE is where the action is!!  Here is where the actual Magazines will be published..! Good news is, we’re going to make  PAST ARTICLES  (that appeared in GT#1-10) available here, possibly as new posts or additional pages!! Why the vagueness?  Well, as you can imagine, uploading ALL past contents (10 issues over the past 4 years, with each issue averaging about 30-40 pages of A4..*if*  it were printed!!) is a mammoth task..  and it will be done over the coming months..(and years?) Meanwhile new Issues will be directly uploaded here.. and they will stay!!   (ask any webmaster. They will tell you..  it’s easier to create/put up new content/sites than take old ones and rework them!  Why?   Well it’s the `cleaning up of technology’ that’s the problem.. lots of cut n paste and reformatting!!   I should know..  I have handled every word and every pixel of Gain Times Magazine & its websites for 4 years now!!) Mani Navasothy- Director- Gaian Times Magazine-smMoving ahead with technology, we’ve chosen this route (WP), as it offers us the best Responsive Web Design. That means you can access Gaian Times on ALL your devises easily.. mobile, pads & desktops/laptops. We start with…the latest Issue..  yes,  GT#11 . Watch this site.   Better still…Follow this site 🙂 Best Wishes -Mani Navasothy (Founder/ Director / Chief Editor of Gaian Times)

Note: Gaian Times has an `organisational’ website at and we’ll maintain that for legal reasons, as we ARE a registered not-for-profit Company.