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Gaian Times Magazine – GT#11 – May 2015

Editor’s Note

We did it!  Yes, GT#11 took a year, but here it is..on the 1st May 2015!!  And what a year the `gap year’ has been.. !!!

Mani Navasothy- Director- Gaian Times Magazine-smI look back on 12 months gone with great mixture of feelings (personal trials & triumphs), and I also look back at the last 3 months with a kind of excitement. Work on this *new look* Magazine  started on 4th Feb’15, on the 4th anniversary of creating the Gaian Times.

But all that’s just personal journey, best left for my on personal blog. (yes, I hear the voices of many Elders & mentors echo in my ear, `this is not about you Mani..’ )

THIS is about you of course..you the supportive Readers, Eco-Spiritualists & Environmental Campaigners, and you the Writers, Artists, Video-producers who contributed so much to this Magazine. And may I congratulate some of you for your incredible patience with me – some of you sent in your work last year, and have been so patient ..and here at last every word you wrote finally sees the light of internet!    Thank you.

Gaian Times  #11  May 2015 Cover
Thanks to all our friends for posing with the `Earth’ to make this cover. Pic taken at GT Earth Day event in April 2014 at Trent Park, London. Your are all `cover guys & cover gals’ now 🙂

Special thanks to our contributors of this issue:

  • Ann Tomlin
  • David Rankine
  • Durlabh Singh
  • Jo Rowland
  • Kumar Devasan
  • Lisa De Fresne
  • Renard the Fire Druid
  • Rose Dixon
  • Vathani Navasothy

Extra Special Thanks go to Lisa De Fresne, who became our GT Canadian Editor in 2014. Not only does she write our regular column `Animal Communications’ but also is one of the moderators in our facebook GT page, and for this issue obtained and provided the contributions for David Rankine & Renard Fire Druid.

Looking ahead…

There is a saying, `Man may propose, but Gods dispose’ ! With that in mind, and having lived through 12 months where many things planned went awry and many other unplanned things manifested, I hesitate to say anything about the times ahead..  but I must!

This new format (based on wordpress templates adapted) is a `responsive’ website. What that means is that you can get to this Magazine via a desktop, laptop, a mobile phone or an iPad and so on..  and the website will shrink, expand, shift and rearrange it self to give you the best viewing experience!   That is the future now..  and google is pretty much enforcing this , not with a stick but by depriving any sites that are `not mobile friendly’ from having high ranking (look a feature on this is probably far better..so I’ll shut up about this now..before I start spilling html & css codes here!)

One big NEWS is that we plan to put all the previous Gaian Times articles onto this new site, in blog format!   (It will take time.. the old formats will be gone, but the content will remain, and that’s what’s important after all!)

Meanwhile, we’ll be starting *gentle work* on the next issue of GT (to come out in early Autumn’15, and the one after, in early Winter’15). Those are seasonal markers for northern hemisphere of course (for those is Southern hemisphere, it’s Spring’15, and Summer’15) .

If you like to write for us, just make a friendly contact..as soon as you are able to..  using the Contact Form on this site.

So without further ado, I present to you..Gaian Times Magazine #11 (May 2015). Again, my heartfelt thanks to you stellar supporters and sterling Writers & Contributors. Thank you.


-Mani Navasothy   (Director / Chief Editor)



Cover GT#11

Editorial & Contents ;    Submissions;   GT  copyright & Policy ;

Longtime Lover Returns (spring poem)

Aphrodisiacs – Food for Lovers

Aromatherapy for Beltane

The Catcher in the Sky – Swift Gifts

Animal Communications

Williams Syndrome Awareness month

Experiences of an Elder Pagan

Response to `Making Money’ article

Reiki : Personal path to divine healing energy

Sacred Geometry – Language of Relationship

Pagan Activism

Rome (Gallery)

Hollow Earth thoughts – Review of Earth Hour & Earth Day 2015

Taiji Terror Tales 2015 : London Demo at Trafalgar Square

Bhai Sehna (short story)

Beneficial Vitamins

People: Art of David Rankine

Chief Seatle (poem)

Astrology: Retrograde Planets in 2015

Sacred Journey – Pagan Federation London Conference 2015

Entertainment: Dalek-Om in Glastonbury

Gallery1 : Climate March London 2014

Gallery 2: Peaceful Demo Japanese Embassy – Stop the Ivory Trade


Contents GT-11-slanted



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