Aromatherapy for Beltane

7 Beltane Aromatherapy Oils. Photo (c) VN

Amorous Aromatherapy for Beltane

by Vathani Navasothy

Be it a massage oil concoction or for the purpose of anointing oil, burning, making home-made ritual candles, or soap making for personally empowering Beltane festivities, here are some oils and their properties you can experiment, for this seasonal celebration of God/Goddess union  or igniting divine lovers unto yourselves !

Please remember as neat Essential oils can be toxic and harmful, be sure to dilute in Carrier Oil such as Grape seed or Almond oil first. Especially if you are making it up for the purpose of massaging, bath or even in a vaporizer for the room – any method that will come in to contact with skin, dilute for safety!

 7 Sexy Aromatherapy oils:

          Ylang Ylang : –  Increase libido

          Rose: –            Over comes anxiety

          Jasmine : –        Increases sensuality arousal

          Sandalwood:   Helps to relax and feel sensual

          Rosemary : –   Improves zest for life, uplift mood from tension

          Lavender : –    Calming and relaxing

          Orange : –       Invigorating


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