Art of David Rankine

The Art of David Rankine

Feature by our Canadian GT Editor Lisa Du Fresne

David Rankine was born in Willowdale, Ontario, Canada, to Scottish parents and developed an early appreciation of Celtic culture and history. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts at York University and it was there that David began to explore Celtic art and saw how closely it was connected to Celtic music and dance.

[the following are a tiny fraction of Dave’s Art works, taken from his professional website.. ]  -MN

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Since art school, David has sought to contemporize Celtic art and has been at the forefront of the Celtic art explosion in Ontario and North America. He has participated in numerous group and solo shows across Canada (including his own, ongoing A Rustle of Wings and Carpet Pages series).

David’s teaching experience extends from formal instruction at York University( School of Nursing), Haliburton School of Fine arts ,Mohawk College, Cedar Ridge Art Centre (Toronto) and the Goderich Celtic college, to workshops and classes for primary and secondary level students . David also teaches professional development courses for teachers and other artists.


Every year David presents a number of lectures at various venues and to various audiences. His lecture: The Book of Kells, Dark Age Visions of the Divine was first presented at Tyndale College and the University of Toronto. His other lectures are: The Quiet World of the Mandala and Open Space Creativity

David’s work can be found in collections throughout North America, Britain, Japan and Germany. His commercial art work extends to design and illustration work for books, CD covers, cards, posters, jewellery, rugs and recently, the design of a 14′ stone High Cross in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


  • David Rankine: brings over 30 years as an artist, musician, healer and educator to a new understanding of Sacred Expression through Art, Music and Geometry.
  • As a university lecturer and workshop leader, he facilitate experiential workshops focused on Sacred Art and Community Building at Retreats and national and international Festivals and Events.
  • David has 10 original CD recordings to his credit. He writes for and performs in three bands.
  • David lives and works and plays music in rural Huron County, Ontario, Canada.

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