Chief Seatle – Address (Poem)


 by  Durlabh  Singh.

Lady with Dog

You asked me to

Sell my land

How could I sell my land

It would be like

Selling my soul

Selling the skies above

Presences in the airs

Sparkle of the waters

Memories in dark woods

Green meadows and

Sounds of humming bees.


Where sentry  stand guarding the mists

Ghostly reflections among the sandy shores

The sap that runs through pine needles

The blood that courses through my veins

The heats generated by the shaggy pony

And my brothers bear ,deer and the eagle soar.


The rivers are my brothers

They quench my thirst, they feed me

Show me kindness, live my life

Feel me heal me bathe me knead me.


The earth is my mother

She nourishes me flourishes me

Perfumes me with flowers

Feeds me with corn

Sings me lullabies

Feels me in her pain

Renews me clues me with mystery.


Do not force me to sell the elements

My mother earth my brother river

My sister wind the sap in my brain

Gods of my visions heaven Striven

All my spirits among the forest frames.

(c) Durlabh  Singh.


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