Animal Communications


by Lisa Du Fresne

(Anamnesis: loss of forgetfulness. Plato)

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Do you believe in Past Lives?

Do you believe in Past Lives for animals?

As an Animal Communicator, I am asked so many questions by my human clients.

For example, in 2003, when a human client asked me “Is Bob-the-Dog a re-incarnation

of Sandy-the-Golden-Retriever, a much cherished family pet, who died eight years ago?” I…would not readily want to explore this line of questioning.  For one thing, I wanted Bob to be seen as the unique dog that he is. I also wanted for all to love Bob for Bob’s sake, not for what sweet dear Sandy represented and for being sorely missed all those years.

And yet, my animal clients would talk to me about Past Lives, on their own, quite spontaneously.

So yes, love Bob for being Bob.  And yes, trust your intuition if it tells you, or Bob tells you, that there is more than a love connection with Sandy…

Another question: Why do Rufus-the-Dog shakes so much when there is fireworks?

And Rufus would show me a World War One scene when, as a war dog, a message

attached to his collar, he ran zigzagging through heavy artillery, on a muddy field…

Now, does this explain every dog who shakes, or hides or reacts with discomfort and fear to those July 1st,  July 4th or Victoria Day explosive celebrations?

I don’t think so because it’s not a cliché answer, though from time to time, I may get a war, of some sort, as a response to some questions…

Regardless, thanking the animal for its bravery, then wrapping it tight with a comfy blanket or a Stress Reducing Tight Doggy Coat (a fairly new product in the market) often helps the dog during  fireworks or thunder storms.

Do I believe in Past Lives?  My human clients will ask me.

Do you?  I gently throw back.

If your answer is “No.” or “Not really.” or “Maybe, I don’t know.” that’s great.

We can look at Past Lives as part of a symbolic language…perhaps a metaphor that may help

explain something…or someone and even help to explore and release stored emotions.

It can be healing both for the animal and the human client.

As an Animal Communicator, I want to get it from the horse’s mouth.

Also, I take the time to notice what are my present beliefs, prejudices, place of dis-comfort.

Are any of them blocking, censoring what animals may say to me?

Animals say it anyway!

They surprise me, always.  Just when I may get comfortable with one thing, the animals will introduce another.

Of course, when they talk to me, I just write, write, write.

I may arch my eyebrows.  I may shake my head and hope the human client is open to this or that.

I may have professional trepidations.  I still write it all down. I smile and trust.

That is a big lesson for me.

I am not blasée.  I have not “heard it all”, because, my-my, so much more to explore.

So much more for me to be attentive, and let the animal speak in its unique metaphor.

I have had urban pets who shared with me that they had been in close quarters with humans (or even the same human…) as a much larger animal, a century or so ago.  But to experience closeness with humans, today, the animal has chosen, for example, the canine or feline form as there is less and less working horses and working elephants.

Ah, Past Lives… “Past”. Just that word could be discussed.  Is it really past as in a linear energy, behind the now, or before the present? Or is it just a point on a circle, on or in a moebius, and not linear at all, therefore distinct but not “Past”?


I have so not heard it all…

So much more to which to be attentive and so much more to hear from the animal who speak in its refreshing bluntness and unique poetry.

Cat Pumpkin CloseUp Animal.Com2fromMarilyn Swaby2012

Pumpkin*, a beautiful, ginger cat, often sat, for hours, late at night, on the back porch banister,eyes wide open, not moving an inch.

Its human companion, Marilyn* finally asked me “What-is-he-doing-there?”

As you or I might guess, he may be watching bugs fluttering around the street light, fascinated.

He may be hypnotized by the bats quiet flight, or hearing, sensing scurrying mice or moll, or smelling all kinds of night scents.

But Pumpkin, in all simplicity, mater a fact, said to me, he was “gazing at the stars”…

Yes, what the animal will answer is so often surprising.

Sweet, precious, beautiful Pumpkin died almost ten years ago, now, and yet I will always remember that answer. “Gazing at the stars.”

Such eternal resonance…

– Lisa Du Fresne

(from Canada)


All the stories are real, the animal’s name may have been changed.

* Pumpkin and Marilyn are real names by permission.

Photo: Pumpkin the Cat, circa 2002

Photographer: Marilyn Swaby


What questions would you like to ask your animal companion or animals you met in nature?

Would you share these with us?  At Gaian Times?


For more on Animal Communication with Lisa Du Fresne, please, refer to Communications with Animals, Gaian Times Feb. 2014.


Lisa Du Fresne is a professional Animal Communicator.

Her human clients list include: Vet, Naturopath, Scientist, Dog Show Trainer & Rescue Animal Association Director. She has lectured and conducted workshops on Animal Communication at universities, conferences & Earth Base gatherings.

Lisa is a Reiki Master Teacher and a French Canadian Urban Métis Artist.

She has been an Ontario Arts Council & Canada Council grant recipient.

Her three feline work mates are Amberfly, Minou Gri-Gri & Marmalade.


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