Entertainment: Dalek-Om in Glastonbury

Love&Light from Dalek-Om (c)ManiN2014

Dalek-Om in Glastonbury

by Mani Navasothy

It’s one thing to carry a card-board prop (full size) Dalek up the hard clime to the top of the Glastonbury Tor, but quite another to see a fully assembled Dalek start to glide out `all on its own’ through the archway of the Tor and ready itself to fly off!!

That was what we faced in the twilight hours of our second day of filming a fan video story called `Doctor Who: Glastonbury Mystery’ – way back in September 2014.

Glastonbury Mystery - cast & crew at Tor (c)Mani Navasothy2014
Glastonbury Mystery – cast & crew at Tor (c)Mani Navasothy 2014

We were tired, having been filming for 2 days (preceded by 3 days and nights of actually making the full sized Dalek, then driving with only 45 mins of sleep ..all the way from London to Glastonbury!)..  so I certainly had not factored in the cold fierce wind at the the top of the Tor, blowing through the gateway/ arch and funneling out at full force, trying to `take our Dalek-Om’ along with it.

(Time) Lord knows where it would have landed – had not my sister and I jumped on it, and with great difficulty pinned it down and pushed it to a corner..

Filming continued – but with my sister tucked up in the corner with a firm hand around Dalek-Om (off-Camera).

This was part of a set of 6 stories we have filmed in 2014 – for our Doctor Who Imaginarium Fan series.  Editing has been underway – on and off- (life gets in the way of us completing so many things)..and you’ll start to see our stories in our own Youtube channel from Summer 2015 onwards.

Lina-Star Priestess -DrWho Imaginarium Glastonbury Mystery (c)ManiN2014
Lina-Star Priestess -DrWho Imaginarium Glastonbury Mystery (c )ManiN2014

The thing about this fan series (and there are many great fan video series in the net) is that many of our stories have a magical or occult theme to them.   With titles like, `Shaman’s Game, Dragons of London, Glastonbury Mystery, AfterLife. to name a few, you can see the tone already.

And yes, we started filming way back in January 2014 (we reported the possible start of this project in our November 2013 issue of Gaian Times), and we had filmed almost 3-4 stories (including our own `DWi: AfterLife’ where the Doctor seems to die and ends up in AfterLife) when the BBC (proper) Doctor Who new series with Peter Capaldi started on 23rd August’14… and imagine how shocked we were to see the theme of Afterlife thread through that one (not to mention a Dinosaur on the banks of the Thames in the opening story)!!   It was as if someone had stolen our own fan stories and did their own version!!

It did knock the wind off our production a bit, but we soon recovered and marvelled at the fact that had we actually edited and put ou stories up in time (July’14) we’d have been the first .. (lesson there – don’t sit on your laurels..  If you start something work at it and complete it soon..).  We also marvelled at the fact that our creative story ideas match those of the great talents at the BBC itself..   and we marvelled more at the fact that this is a case of the 100th monkey phenomenon.

What’s the 100th monkey Phenomenon?   It’s where in the past, Scientists found that in one part of the world, a certain bunch of monkeys had been learning a new skill, and far away in an isolated Island, a bunch of monkeys suddenly started to exhibit the same skill.   It’s attributed to the concept that all life is connected (The Collective) and information passes from one being to another through this Collective link.

Rory King Arthur -DrWho Imaginarium Glastonbury Mystery (c)ManiN2014
Rory Mernagh as `Arthur’ in DrWho Imaginarium Glastonbury Mystery (c) ManiN2014

Well,leaving all that behind, we are thrilled to have taken a full size Dalek-Om (she’s spiritual and dances with new age gals on the Tor..) from London to Glastonbury and actually filmed our story..  Interesting things happen to the Doctor there…

We’ll report more on this in our next GT issue.

You can watch our Fan series Teasers & Trailers at our channel Doctor Who Imaginarium 


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