Longtime Lover Returns (Poem)

Longtime Lover pic1A Longtime Lover Returns

by Rennard (The Fire Druid)


The earth again moves beneath my feet.

My longtime lover, returns to me once again

In an endless cycle of fertility and form.


She writhes beneath me…. undulating in surges of energy

Chemical processes are brought to life

Starches begin to accept the call to transform into energy

flower mtn1 shrine 9.3

The underground drums to her tune

Growing stronger… beating louder

She cries out and a patch of crocuses appear


She lives as always… but now in a state of awakening

Her energy growing… expanding… reaching out as each day passes…

Her desire is still sluggish yet the first whispers of grass emerge into the world of form.


Soon she will begin to pulse as her magick develops

The trees begin to swell and anticipate their annual birthing push from below

As her energy begins to build and her desire to create life and form grows.


Unleashed she will once again yield some of her mysteries

As she makes new bodies for trillions upon trillions of plants

As spring migrates through another year in an endless cycle.


Plants emerge from the sacred earth and begin to harness the sun and grow

For soon she will be in full explosion mode

And they must be ready

pink blue face find edges 9.6

Soon all of nature will help her bring about this new and unique Spring

Ants and bees and birds will all cooperate in a courtship of infinite powers

A vast eruption of flowers will emerge…her love expressed once again.


Her palette paints for all to see a worldwide mural of changing colors and scents

The flowers become seeds that guarantee a continuing reality

And creates a smorgasbord of food for all that crawl and fly and walk in the woods.


The skies fill with a symphony of sound from the life that comes forth from the land.

She will wallow in the trough of conception and nurturing

And all that know her will tremble at the power of her love
Spring Returns….

Longtime Lover pic2

(c) Renard – 3/12/07


Renard the Fire DruidBIO:

Renard/Richard Fox is a Fire Druid, the former Editor of Aontacht Magazine and a warrior poet who lived mostly outdoors in the forests of the U.S. for over 18 years. During that time, he planted more than 700,000 trees while he lived and developed his Nature Magick in the deep forests.   Today, Renard manages conservation projects in seven countries and develops small scale/big impact renewable energy projects with 23 Native American tribes across the western United States and has a home among the Lakota on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.


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