Pagan Activism

Just Jo - Pagan ActivismPagan Activism

 by Jo Rowlands

Some might rightly say that being, identifying, as Pagan, makes one on some level an activist. To identify as Pagan, is to identify with life, with the very essence of pulsating energy that ebbs and flows, the turning of the wheel, life’s natural cycles, the waxing, full, then waning moon. Birth, death, and rebirth. We are all a part of this, and this is a part of all of us.

 Those of us who identify as Pagan see Earth as our Mother, Gaia, she is a living entity, she is our Mother, and she is tolerating a lot of abuse from her offspring. We are all interconnected, and maybe being awake and alert to having some understanding of what we are doing to Mother Earth means we are the lucky ones, blessed to feel that sense of connection, but with it comes responsibility.

 For those of us who’ve directly experienced magical states (and I would say that though not all would define their experiences as that of connecting with the magical realm, all humans have connected with this state.) Spirituality is a part of humanity. Individually, it doesn’t matter if you believe in “Goddess” or “God” both, multiples of both, or none at all. (the Goddess’s and Gods are there whether individuals believe in their existence or not, a person can say they don’t believe in the sky, but that won’t stop the sky existing, for heavens sake just look up) If you have ever appreciated a piece of music, been touched by a work of art, or a piece of literature. Been moved by a dream, felt the magic in a connection with a lover. Experienced on that level, profoundly and intensely, that way of being that human worded language finds so difficult to express,  you have touched the spiritual, experienced magic. But for this short bit of writing, lets say for those of us who work magic and it’s mystery into our lives, actually, I can only really speak for myself, so having been touched by magic, and perceiving this planet we live on as our Mother Gaia, there is no other way to live a life with integrity than to be an spiritual activist. As pagans, our insights, and awareness of working with magic often deepen and give strength to our activism. By the same token, being an activist, on the physical plane, with that commitment to righting injustices, can give greater depth to our knowledge and awareness of magic and the rituals we create to spark change

 Directing life force, using energy, and weaving, creating, breathing, being, focussing consciously on manifesting the change I want to see, the changes that need to be, to heal Gaia, to heal humanity, and all who we share our home with. The four leggeds, the winged creatures, sea beings, the trees, the mountains, plant entities, beings from the realms of faery, Everyone……. We’re all connected, it may be a  a cliche, but it’s so true, if we’re not actively being part of the solution, if we don’t speak out and work to overcome injustices, then we are by omitting to take a stand, part of the problem.

 So, where am I going with this, well, I want to create a network for those of us who identify as Pagan activists to communicate. This magazine, Gaia Times is excellent. Another small thing that has recently been created is the Pagan Pacifists, Pagan Activists page on FB. Link here:

this is a community page, admin done by myself and a friend, we are keen to make it as much of a community effort as possible. To be used as a notice board of sorts to promote pagan activist activisms. Please check us out, subscribe to our news feed, and be in touch if you have ideas on this and would like to contribute

Jo Rowlands


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