Reiki – Personal Path to Divine Healing Energy

ReikiIn Kanji
ReikiIn Kanji

REIKI :  My Personal Path to the Divine Healing Energy

by Vathani Navasothy

If someone had said to me “Your greatest discovery of the Universal Force, is to be born out of your greatest point of sorrow and loss!”, I would never have believed them! Not only was this true, but the last 10 years had been a testament to many anguish, heart aches and harder times , for which I was gratefully placed to use the gift, I was to be granted – to bring about positive and transformational changes. In me and in those, my life was to touch; near and far!

It was the winter of 2003, with it’s harsh UK weather and the year was swiftly closing in. Little did I know the curtains were also closing as life was draining from my dearest Appucchi – My grandmother, some thousand miles away! Arriving on the scene, I was soon aware of the summer Australia was show-casing, while the lady I admired, for all her spirit of adventure and itchy feet, that often took her world-over, lay still in a dark room : life-less, with her wings of freedom now clipped – no thanks to the cancerous breast, devouring her alive! It was numbering her days remaining, long abandon by the conventional medicine. I watched my favourite Uncle, tirelessly perform, what felt like some bizarre ritual on her – morning and night, on each day that passed.

Reiki Master Kanapathipillai Raveenthiran (lives in Sri Lanka)

Curiously took hold, and I started to pay attention. There I was witnessing for the 1st time, the wonder of Reiki Healing! It was not long before I found myself along with my cousin, preparing through daily meditation and course – with the intention to train under the Great Reiki Master, that my Uncle Kanapathipillai Raveenthiran was and still is, living under that very roof for those few days in Australia. Attunement journey of the divine symbol of light and love was no easy task, as it took discipline, focus, retraining of the mind and body – against all that I knew , to that of the new ways of existing from that point. I now know that this gift of healing art is also not for everyone, as so many gracefully receive the Reiki attunement, but with little or no follow-through commitment of life long bond with the divine. The responsibility of that gift that needs to be nurtured daily in a very specific way , can and does weeds out many.

Needless to say, that my grandmother for a month or two even perked up – like she had a second wind of life under her belt – sadly though her cancerous cells, had another idea for her and soon won their battle with her will and body! I felt heart broken & beside myself – yet I found myself determined and wiling to embrace my new gift and life long path I was lucky enough to be granted. My grandmother would have probably wanted that for me too! I needed to do good with it , not waste it and use it in the way the Universal energy was intending for me to be another healing vehicle in life.

Looking back, this was not a chance event, I was already under the training of LIFE FORCE through my Okinawan originated Goju Ryu karate journey. Dr Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki and the Usui Reiki Ryoho system some 210 years ago – was a medical doctor and a Buddhist, having his roots in Japan. A country I have a strange affinity to – without being able to put a finger on it! It was like my destiny, was already mapped out and I was merely going through the motion! My own religion, Hinduism embraces Namaste – the Japanese “Gassho” equivalent , which is one of the three pillars of Reiki. The other two being “Reiji-Ho” meaning the Reiki Power indication Method; and “Chiryo” meaning the treatment. Dedicating time for meditation and Om chants, daily became second nature. Yes, I felt ready already to “Greet the divine within others as well as in me!”. Why Australia ? Why then, when my Gran was dying? I can only think, that had a lot to do with timing of alignments and my own readiness with motivation, like many of us – when we need to embrace something fully, in order to run with it 100% in life. I just needed to meet my Guru – not just an adored uncle anymore, but someone who was to become – my great teacher, a guide and a nurturer with whom my relationship was already deep, bonded by love.. And now it was also going to have a bond of divine legacy & Reiki lineage connecting the two of us .

Reiki, an art of healing through simple and effective transmission of energy, through the cupped hand.

Reiki, an art of healing that addresses all ailments of the body, mind and emotions, through simple and effective transmission of energy, through the cupped hand(s) – is much like the laser beam, burning through malignant mass of any affected area with a notable & intense effect of healing. Discovering how to measure my own AURIC field: the electromagnetic field around the body and measuring the size of my own seven charkas was a delightful exercise, I still remember being awe struck about! Ten years on, working with other’s as well as my own Meridians has become such second nature to me. Coming from a medical background myself, Dr Mikao Usui’s ways of working on the Tanden – the centre of our body, and it’s very core of all our personal vitality, did not seem much of a mind field – as the more I delved in, the more I wanted to know and learn.

In the forever commercial world of , ridiculously over priced conveyer belt weekend Reiki level 1 and Reiki Level 2 courses – saturating the holistic education scene – I am still never short of pure astonishment with my personal success stories of the Reiki healing journey that I encounter. Everything form my own reoccurring gum over sensitivities, all the way to my many broken heart moments – and then on to healing my nearest and dearest when they are in trouble – feels all just too incredible stories of shifts , healing, remedies, transformations and above all little miracles in their own rights! One of the main reason why I could never speak of fees or accept money for this wonderful art that has become imprinted in my DNA now. Daily reiki healing and meditation that I practice, ensures the kind of calmness of my mind, and liberated breathing, that allows for flow of purified energy that can then flow out of me. Anyone reiki practitioner, reading this will personally know of such purity that benefits all!

The beauty of this healing art is, that I am in a privileged place to readdress the balance, heal or help someone where ever , whenever ; be it a sceptical person, unable person inhibited someway or not ..and even too tensed – practitioners of this healing art can be confident, reiki is going to help. Fully attuned healer like me, would not only be very self aware, healing self regularly, meditating regularly, and work intuitively when it comes to healing – but above all be mindful and always ask the Universe for guidance as to whether that healing is to even take place. We can always appreciate the Free-Will practices, much like the Pagan one to not tamper with things we need not medal in. To me this covers all basis and I have my own morals that safe guards me from over stepping any fine lines too. None more powerful than the five simple guidelines stated by my Great Master and founder of Reiki , Dr. Mikao Usui, himself :

Just for today I will give thanks For my many blessings

Just for today I will not worry

Just for today I will not be angry

Just for today I will do my work honestly

Just for today I will be kind To my neighbour And every living thing.

At a time our world is full of turmoil, full of conflicts, greed, destruction and ill intensions – we all have the power to actively take part in countering it by spreading light and love all around our planet. If Reiki, was your means through which you could possible contribute, then go out there, follow the principles above, study it if it interests you, and see what hand you shall play in transforming it for the better!

Great Master and founder of Reiki , Dr. Mikao Usui


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