Hollow Earth and other sinking thoughts

Hollow Earth Feelings:  A review of Earth Hour & Earth Day 2015

by Mani Navasothy

Those who have seen the cover of this latest Gaian Times magazine can’t fail to recognise the glorious numbers of magical people who attended our `GT’ Earth Day celebration event..last year- (22nd April 2014). Those photos of people `holding the Earth’ were all taken at that event.. The Ceremony & social at Trent Park, North London, was well attended and a festive affair.

And those who have already seen the `video’ of the 1Earth Hour eco appeal’ (in our video section) can  equally see how many turned up (20+ people?) for last year’s Earth Hour 2014 ceremony in central London by river Thames..just outside Tate Gallery.

So why were the numbers so low `this year’ ?


Yes, we moved the events about..  Earth Hour event was observed at St.James Park (right by the doorsteps of Buckingham Palace..) on saturday 28th March’15..  and I think about 6 people (and a reiki-attuned dog) attended.   Don’t get me wrong..  the ceremony was deeply magical..  where we did a `spiderman’ routine of magically slinging etheric webs in the 8 directions from our circle to span the world…and send positive energy. We also imbued lots of magical positive energy for the world  – into a largish rose quartz crystal – and propelled that into the lake/ pond in St.James Park.  (so it’s going to stay at the  bottom and keep pulsing out that good energy).

I could not help but be a tad bit disappointed – even though I know in cases of magic, it’s the quality not quantity that counts.

And Earth Day event was even less well attended.  Including me, there were only 3 Eco-Magicians..  a lady who had travelled much via South AMerica (and brought some natural items like shells for the altar), and a gentleman who was from Europe.   We gathered together by the large lake in Richmond Park, on wednesday 22nd April’15, and performed our eco-healing meditation.

Earth Day altar at Richmond Park, London 22April'15
Earth Day altar at Richmond Park, London 22April’15

Along the way there were so many synchronous little things..  and friendships were forged. So I am not complaining on a personal level at all..

But the heart doth sinks a bit ..  to see just 3 people in whole of London turn up for an Earth Day ceremony..

Perhaps because it was held on the actual day that happens to be a weekday..  and people were all way too bust at work..

Yes, that’s what it was….I hope..

..and not that people were loosing interest in Earth Hour & Earth Day events..? !

-Mani  (GT Chief Editor/ Director)


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