Sacred Geometry Language of Relationship

TirQ22Sacred Geometry : The Language of Relationship

by David Rankine


The very term “sacred geometry” Is confusing. It is often surrounded by clouds of esoteric information that seems to have no solid application in our day to day world. The good news is that what we are really talking about is the form and dynamics – the relationship, of all matter and energy in the Universe.

  Quite simply, the study of Sacred Geometry acknowledges that certain geometric ratios, forms and relationships exist in nature as absolutes. Therefore these aspects of structure and relationship in nature are seen as eternal, divine or sacred. When humans create using these ratios, forms and relationships, whatever it is that they create, from architecture, art to relationships, will always be balanced and harmonious.

   In Nature, the underlying matrix or structure of everything – from galaxies to sub atomic particles, to beehives to viral form is geometric, for geometric forms are the simplest and strongest structures or relationships that use the least amount of energy to create and maintain.

The visionary American engineer Buckminster Fuller would have called this aspect of relationship: tensegrity. In other words, a tensegrity is a relationship that uses

 the least amount of energy and matter in the most efficient way. This economy of effort and matter dictates the form of the relationship (or the positioning of various constituent elements).

   As we will further explore in subsequent articles, it is not the actual forms of things that are important but how they relate to one another. It is the relationship which dictates the form and the relationship itself is dictated by a universal law – one that speaks of conservancy, equitable exchange, cooperation and interconnectedness. What works for galactic systems works for human relationships with each other and the planet we live upon and with and the language of the Universe we live within is a geometric one.

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David Rankine works and lives in rural Huron County, Ontario.

His online Sacred Geometry course is available by contacting him at 


copyright David Rankine 2014


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