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Are_you_offended_by_an_articleAre you offended?

Editor’s Note to Readers on the nature of Articles

Here at Gaian Times, we do sometimes have to crack a few eggshells, in order to make an omelet.

In other words, our contributors have full freedom to voice their views. (at times provocative or radical)!

It fosters deeper inspection of the clockworks of society and its Habits. And it encourages others to reflect equally deeply, and hopefully offer thoughts and views of their own. That is the way society grows – and not by propagating same old views – or worse- by censorship! (I’ve personally challenged so many organisations on this point of censorship – and in return been either out-casted, villified or scapegoated).

As the founder of Gaian Times, I encourage contributors to express their views.

You are welcome to respond to those views, by writing to the respective author or to the editor of Gian Times.

We will strive to publish your letter & comments.

Better still, your own articles – if you care to write some though-provoking ones and send it to Gaian Times.)

Gt_Copyright_statementGaian Times Copyright statement:

All rights reserved. No part of Gaian Times may be copied or reproduced without express written permission of the Editor. Copyright of feature articles remain with their respective authors.

Photographs:  Copyright and legal responsibility for all photos used in any Press releases and feature articles remain with their originators, and were provided to Gaian Times by their respective originators. You must check with copyright owners before copying or reproducing them in any form.

External Websites: Disclaimer & internet safety: Gaian Times can not verify nor vouch for any external websites, their nature and contents. Gaian Times reproduces these links in good faith, as provided by the feature writers/contributors. When YOU accessing any website links quoted in any of the Gaian Times features, you are advised to exercise your own judgement and safety..)


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